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Atlantis Press is building up a repository of articles from books, journals and conferences, workshops and symposia. All articles are fully interlinked and relevant proceedings are submitted for indexing to major indexing services, incl. Compendex/EI, CPCI (*), CPCI-SSH, Scholar Google, etc. Furthermore, we can help you to locate high-quality scientific journals interested in publishing extended versions of selected papers.

Our offer
Conference organisers, please click here to read our latest proceedings mailing including details of our offer. Note that, due to issues regarding the integrity of some conferences, as of 1 January 2015 any proceedings proposal will be evaluated by our proceedings committee consisting of senior academic researchers and professors.

In case indexation is needed in EI/Compendex, CPCI, CPCI-SSH, Scholar Google, etc., Atlantis Press is happy to check the proceedings and submit them to the relevant indexes. Note that are proceedings have been accepted for indexing in EI/Compendex, CPCI, CPCI-SSH, Scholar Google, etc.

For the latest indexing overview of our recently published proceedings, please click here for the proceedings published in 2016 and 2017.

View and Ordering proceedings
Please click here to see all our proceedings and for ordering them.

Conference Series

Atlantis Press publishes proceedings in the following series:

1. "Advances in Intelligent Systems Research": proceedings series primarily covering intelligent system conferences;

2. "Advances in Computer Science Research": proceedings series covering conference proceedings in the field of computer sciences;

3. "Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research": proceedings series including conferences in social sciences and humanities.

4. "Advances in Engineering Research": proceedings series covering conferences in the engineering field.

5. "Advances in Physics Research": proceedings series covering conferences in the physics field.

6. "Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research": proceedings series covering conferences in economics, business and management sciences.

7. "Advances in Biological Sciences Research": proceedings series covering conferences in biomedical sciences, genetics, genomics, biophysics, biochemisty, molecular biology and bioinformatics.

8. "Advances in Health Sciences Research": proceedings series covering research in the fields medicine, epidemiology, pharmacy and dentistry.

Note that Atlantis Press publishes proceedings in any scientific discipline, incl. medical sciences, so please do not hesitate to send us your proposal.

All our proceedings from major, peer-reviewed scientific conferences are all published following our unique publishing model: the conference sponsors our publishing services in exchange for which Atlantis Press ensures a professional publication of the Proceedings, including ISBN, DOIs, indexing services and freely accessible articles on its webserver. Thus, all the articles of the proceedings in our series that are published online will be indexed and archived professionally and will be freely available for all. For exemples of already published conferences, please check our proceedings offer here.

Should you also wish to have a printed version of the articles, we can provide high-quality and low-priced printing services as well.

So, if you are organising a conference and you would like the resulting articles to be available on-line for any interested reader, while ensuring professional archiving, indexing and linking of your articles, please contact us ( Atlantis Press will be happy to make a proposal for your conference, symposium or workshop.

(*) Formerly called ISI-TP

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