Open Access:
Rendering scientific communication
more effective

Largely financed by public money deriving from national and international funding agencies, scientific research is increasingly considered to be a part of public domain knowledge that should be available to both the scientific community and society at large. At the same time, scientific research is nowadays, more than ever, considered to be an essential driver for the development of our 21st century society. Finally, research has shown that the scientific impact of freely available articles is far more rapid and important compared to information that is only available behind high tariff-barriers.

Currently, the large majority of scientific articles is published in journals, books and databases that can only be accessed by paying highly priced subscriptions or electronic access. This has resulted in most scientific results only being accessible by people working at the richer research institutes in the Western world. And even these institutes are increasingly worried about the ever increasing high prices for accessing scientific articles, including the better funded libraries. Some of them are already starting to cancel subscriptions or envisage doing this soon as the current library budgets cannot keep up with the imposed price increases.

Today’s technology allows for the fulfillment of a societal and scientific dream: an immediate, non-discriminative, global and unlimited circulation of scientific knowledge. Now the time has come to realise this dream.

A small group of experienced publishers has therefore decided to meet this challenge and has founded Atlantis Press, a scientific publishing company. Atlantis Press understands that a better, more efficient and effective exchange of knowledge and scientific research, both for the scientific communitiy and society at large, is needed and can be realised.

Atlantis Press’ primary focus is on scientific publications, including articles and books, within the fields of computer science, mathematics and physics. Atlantis Press aims at exploiting the best available technology, including standardised metadata-descriptions, semantic web-technology and Open Archive standards, so that scientific works are better searchable and locatable!

What does publishing in our publications program mean for you? 

  • Freely available
    Articles will be freely available on-line for anyone in the Atlantis Press open repository;
  • Copyright is yours
    Authors will keep the ownership (copyright) of their article;
  • High scientific quality
    All articles will be peer reviewed by at least two experts in the field;
  • Indexes
    All articles will be offered to the major indexes, including ISI, CPCI, Compendex and Engineering Index, for indexing;
  • Permanent linking
    All articles will have a permanent and unique DOI reference; 
  • Permanent archiving
    Articles will be archived in a permanent way through our agreement with the Dutch Royal Library. 
  • Standard formats
    Articles will be stored using XML and fully interlinked with other repositories and are compatible with the major harvesting standards. 
  • Books
    In this area of electronic publishing we think that there is still a need for publishing books, as e-Books, as Open Access books and also in print.

For more details, see here.



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